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Community Market Gardens website design

We provided a brand new WordPress website design for the LCMG website with bespoke design and also optimised the site for improved search engine rankings.

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Encouraging membership

Our website design for LCMG Stroud integrated essential information, captivating visuals and intuitive navigation to provide users with a delightful browsing experience that effectively showcased their membership scheme, fundraising and vegetable boxes to order.

Through visually appealing galleries and concise descriptions, we highlighted the unique features of LCMG Stroud, enticing potential members to join the scheme, helping to raise awareness and fundraising to support the scheme’s worthy cause.

We showcased their membership scheme which helps users gain a better understanding of how they can get involved, enhancing the overall appeal of LCMG Stroud as a desirable local community scheme to be a part of.

We also integrated their third party crowdfunding system of choice (GoFundMe), to encourage fundraising for the scheme.

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